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My sculpture work is similar to the ideas I have with my painting and drawing. It is a very emotional and visceral process. It has always been connected to the natural environment around me, my interpretation of it and reaction to it. There is a strong attachment and feeling of being a small part of it. This is cliché but I am interested in the cycle of how the organic natural world changes, grows, dies and evolves. In a world that is so technology driven it is more important then ever to remind people that we are a part of this natural world. I want people to see the uncommon view point, the unexpected and at times what people might take for granted. The sculpture medium varies from metal to found object materials and all forms in between. I like manipulating the materials in a way that might fool the observer about what and how they are made from. I have a background working with fine metals which has been an important part of many of the pieces in the passed and still may be included in the creation process depending on the theme or series. Much of the work recently in made up of found materials that are manipulated to form a statement.