Scenic Design

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Supporting the story/concept of a production visually using any means possible within the given dynamics of that production is the primary goal of my scenic design work. I am a big believer in a collaborative environment to come up with the production’s physical world. All conversation and ideas should be on the table. It’s is so important to work closely with all the disciplines involved with a production to achieve great story telling. The theatre/performance area to me is a living sculpture. The acting, voice, music, lights, set, costume, props, projections, physical theatre, etc. are all aspects that make up this one unique live sculptural experience. Using any techniques and media that will help tell this story are important to my design process. I am interested in using none tradition materials such as cardboard, window screen, paper, tyvec, plastic, found objects, etc. along with tradition materials in making the world come to life. My designs are really an environment not only for the audience but also for the actor and performers to live, be inspire in and work in. This only makes the feel of the production special and honest. The use of all design tools during the process are important to achieve these goals. I am proficient at research, sketching, model construction, CAD and hand drafting, rendering and color elevations. It is so important that the human element of a production comes through not only with the final productions but also with the entire production process. Designing is an art form within the art form of theatre itself.